The 73rd International Instructors Course (IIC) was held in West Lothian College, Livingston Scotland from the 11-13 May, the first in nearly 10 years. Hosted by Master Sheena Sutherland VIII degree  promoting ITF and the newly formed TKDSL governing body. 

This 73rd IIC was conducted by the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Technical committee headed by Grand Master Hector Marano (Argentina), Grand Master Wim Bos (Italy) and Grand Master Ung Lan Kim (Germany)  

Attended by 120 students, including 11 Masters from 13 countries, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Italy and Japan also, was opened by Grand Master Bos on Friday then we began the first part of the IIC.  

The course began with Grand Master Marano giving a four hour session covering colour belt patterns, basic movement which included excellent unarmed self defence techniques by Grand Master Lang.

Saturday started at 9 o’clock this time lead by Grand Master Bos covering patterns up to 2nd degree and also some excellent step sparring techniques. The afternoon continued on with patterns up to 3rd degree with a great section on the application of various Taekwondo techniques.  The first full day came to an end and followed by the senior grading examinations where Master Val Douglas (Ireland) was promoted 8th Degree, Mr Marko Lieke (Finland) promoted to Master 7th Degree and Mr Tomi Taskila promoted to 4th degree.   

In the evening at the official banquet the Grand Masters were introduced to Directors WTF Directors of  TKDSL,  Master Brown, Mr Jim Tully (Chairman) and Mr John Haggerty (Executive Officer) who have been working closely with Master Sutherland, Master Dunbar and Master Thompson to promote  ITF and WTF Tae Kwon-Do equally through a structured governing body nationwide.   

The final day of the seminar covered senior patterns for 4th degree and above whilst 3rd degree and below trained in sparring movement and tactics under Grand Master Lan. The instruction given over the three days was clear and precise. Time was taken throughout the IIC to answer any questions at any time  

The 73rd IIC closed with a presentation to the Grand Masters thanking them for their hard work and enthusiasm, presented each with a small gift by Miss Julia Cross 5th degree 6 times World Champion.   

The IIC by all accounts was a huge success and the best in Scotland to date. This was summed up when Master Santaniello 7th degree (Italy) who asked Grand Master Bos to translate a few words for him to Master Sutherland, in which he said he had been to almost twenty  IIC´s all over the world and this was one of his most memorable. From the venue to the organisation and for the effort Master Sutherland put into making sure everyone was well looked after and although he was the only one from Italy, he was never left to feel alone. 

Master Sutherland would like to thank firstly Grand Master Marano, Grand Master Bos and Grand Master Lang for working hard to make this event a success.  Also to all the black belts and Masters from all over the world who supported the IIC and whom without it would not have been possible. The atmosphere throughout the course was one of enthusiasm from everyone giving a very positive message for our future.  

Master Sutherland would also like to thank her wonderful team of helpers who epitomise Scottish hospitality.  

We hope everyone had a safe journey home and that the memories you have of your visit to Scotland stay with you.





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